Cigar Aficionado

Smitty Lighter

Colibri went to the front lines for the new Smitty Lighter, which a soldier designed while serving in Iraq.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Smith, a designer for Colibri for more than 10 years, was fighting in the U.S. Army's 115th Military Police Company in Al Fallijah. He sketched the layout for the lighter while in the field, taking cues from the hooks and slings of military equipment made so to be easily accessible in combat. The construction is loosely based on the shape of an M-16 rifle, with the integrated carabiner clip (an oblong metal ring with a spring-hinged side) posing as the gun's handrail.

The lighter exhibits features ideal for the adventure-loving aficionado or the weekend warrior who wants a victory cigar after climbing a mountain. Built to withstand all weather conditions, the Smitty has a wind-resistant Quantum Force V flame, a locking push-button release cap with a rubber seal, an electric ignition, and a weather/sand-resistant casing that is a combination of metal and rubberized coating. The piece also features the ever-useful fuel-monitoring window as well as a mirror on the underside of the cap so you can see when the cigar foot is completely lit -- an inventive and convenient element.

The lighter is part of the Colibri's CX Gear series, which caters to more venturesome types looking for accessories that can come along for the ride. The Smitty Lighter is available at tobacconists and has a suggested retail of $29.95.