Cigar Aficionado

SmartMouth Mouthwash

We love cigars, and we love the aftertaste of a cigar, but even we at Cigar Aficionado realize that not everyone in the world appreciates what a delicious double corona does to our breath. So when we're going out and about, we try to freshen up.

Mints only do so much and regular mouthwash is just regular. Nothing quite compares to a brisk brushing of the teeth, but a new product called SmartMouth takes mouthwash to a new level and comes in handy for freshening the breath after an afternoon, an evening or even a full day of puffing.

What makes SmartMouth different from typical mouthwash is that it uses two ingredients that need to be kept separate until you rinse. That makes the product a bit bigger and more complicated than simple mouthwash—you pump a few squirts of one liquid into the provided cup, then add the same amount of the second liquid to the cup, which activates the formula. Then you rinse.

The mouthwash leaves the mouth with a subtle, minty taste and a bubbly mouthfeel. I don't know if it works for a full 12 hours, as advertised, but after test-smoking several cigars here at the office I used the SmartMouth product as described then gave my wife a kiss. She didn't smell cigars at all.