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Siglo Accessory Humidors

The Pacific Cigar Co., the Asia Pacific region's exclusive distributor of Habanos cigar brands, is now offering humidors and cigar accessories in the United States.

The company says it recently signed up a U.S. distributor to sell its Siglo Accessory products in cigar shops. The brand was launched in Hong Kong in 2003.

The pieces are contemporary in appearance, in many cases suiting up in loud colors like bright red or blue and, in most cases, tossing aside the customary use of wood veneer jackets in favor of leather, piano finish and carbon fiber veneers. One such example is the 50-stick Jade Humidor. The Jade sports a veneer of shiny black piano lacquering and features a piece of what Siglo calls Burma jade inlaid in the center of the lid engraved in the Chinese fortune rat pattern, which symbolizes good fortune. The interior is made of traditional Spanish cedar and bounded with interlocking joints and metal hinges. All the humidors come with a digital hygrometer and a humidifier, also both made in China, which affix to the underside of the top with a magnet hidden behind the cedar -- a nice feature seen often on better humidors. There are no locking mechanisms on the Jade boxes, but other humidors in the line are equipped with them.

The Jade Humidor retails for $449. It and other Siglo products are available online at If you are ordering from the United States, the shipping fee from China, especially for a humidor, can be hefty as well as the return fee in the event the humidor is received damaged. It would be prudent instead to pick one up at a local cigar shop that stocks the brand.