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Sidecar Travel Humidor

The premium cigar is not made to weather the touch-and-go world of short hops and red-eyes. The Sidecar Travel Humidor from Dunhill is well suited for it.

As you dart through transit lines and security checks, the leather case in your carry-on can protect your smokes from the jolting and jostling. When you finally reach your appointed seat and take a peek inside the hardcover novel-sized parcel, a fine aroma of tobacco and cedar wafts into your face, assuring you that your babies are in good hands.

The fine leather wrapping the humidor is soft yet hearty—scrape your fingernails across the surface and nary a mark will be left. A hidden magnet sewn under the leather locks the seal tight. The hinge consists of two small fixtures reinforced by a flexible, leather spine and should hold up to frequent opening and closing, whether it's done by you, when you check the humidity and retrieve cigars, or by nosy customs agents. The boxes are not pocket-sized but will fit easily into luggage or a carry-on bag. Cigars up to seven inches long can be accommodated.

Customarily, travel humidors are made of wood and leather. Dunhill does not make any departures from tradition, but what it does do is take the traditional and do it with class. The appearance is simple. The grain is a fingerprint-like pattern, and the only detailing on the box is a small palladium Dunhill insignia. The leather is colored in what Dunhill calls bitter chocolate, which looks black at a glance but is really a deep brown and matches well with both brown and black travel wardrobes. Or you could match it perfectly with the rest of the Sidecar travel line, which includes document cases, luggage, computer cases and carry-on-sized bags.

Sidecar humidors come in two sizes. The smaller of the two has a 10-cigar capacity and retails for $360; the larger, with a 25-cigar capacity, retails for $530. Each humidor