Should I Remove The Band On My Cigar While Smoking?

Should I Remove The Band On My Cigar While Smoking?

When smoking a premium, handmade cigar, some like to keep the band on, but others like to take it off. Is this "right" or "wrong" cigar etiquette? We say it doesn't matter: smoke your cigar how you want to smoke it, band on or off.

Some smokers prefer keeping the cigar band on because it affords a bit of protection from their own fingers while they hold their cigar. Others would rather remove the band so no one knows what brand they are smoking. 

If you do want to remove the band, we suggest you wait until your cigar is lit and has been smoking for a few minutes. This will reduce the likelihood of the wrapper leaf being damaged during the removal process. Why is that?

Because bands are attached with an adhesive called gomma, or gum. If too much gomma has been used, some may have seeped from the band onto the cigar's wrapper. If this has happened, the band, when removed, may take some of the wrapper with it.

Smoking the cigar for a few minutes first will soften the glue and loosen its hold on the wrapper, thus allowing you to slowly remove the band without tearing the outer leaf.

"You all know that the band was originally put on the cigar to keep the cigar from staining the white gloves gentlemen used to wear. I think now there is no rule as to when it is acceptable to remove the band but I agree that it is good to smoke it down to soften the glue but leave it on too long and one appears to be bragging about their choice of cigar, take it off too soon and it tends to give the appearance one is ashamed of what they are smoking. Timing is difficult. One must use their best judgement. " —September 2, 2016 22:59 PM
"I was glad to know that my assumption was correct, it is perfectly acceptable to keep the band on the cigar so everyone can see your cigar choice. I don't remove the band till the last minute." —September 2, 2016 21:55 PM
"Fortunately, many many cigar companies are using bands that use self adhesive bands. What this means is that the band has no way to adhere to the wrapper. That being said, I usually non't remove the band until the ash gets about a quarter inch from the band. This way, if they DID use an adhesive, this has given the adhesive some time to heat up, which aids greatly in removing the band without damaging the wrapper." —July 24, 2016 13:13 PM
"I keep the band on as long as possible. If my wrapper starts to come apart or there's a hole for some reason, I use it to hold things together. Am I the only one? If I imbibe a little too much, it helps me to remember what I'm smoking. " —July 18, 2016 20:55 PM