Shotgun Shell Cigars from Boutique Brand Viaje

After a day of shooting clay discs during target practice, Viaje brand owner Andre Farkas was inspired to create a shotgun-themed cigar called the Viaje Super Shot. It’s a short, squat cigar intended to be smoked in short intervals and packaged to look like live shotgun ammunition.

“I recently took up clay shooting and I noticed that the cigars I brought weren’t short enough to enjoy between rounds,” said Farkas. “I’d start smoking and before it was finished it was my time to shoot again, so the smoke kept going out.”

So Farkas created a smoke that he could enjoy during breaks in clay shooting and called it Super Shot. The smokes come in two sizes virtually identical to shotgun shells: 12 Gauge, measuring 3 1/4 inches by 52 ring, and 10 Gauge, measuring 3 1/2 by 54.

Like all of Viaje’s cigars, Super Shot is a limited-edition smoke. Viaje recently announced that, from this point on, the company will only be producing small-batch production runs. Lines like the Oro and Platino that were previously regular-production brands will now be made in limited quantities only.

For the full story on Super Shot, see the current Cigar Insider.

"Neato! " —January 19, 2012 17:39 PM
"These look like great short smokes for lunchtimes etc. I'd love to try these; anyone know if there are any UK importers for the brand who might be able to get their hands on some?" —January 19, 2012 14:23 PM
"Sounds like a solid dog walking cigar as well. I think I may have to try. The small batch for all lines is certainly a nod to quality control." —January 13, 2012 21:42 PM