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Scotch Blends Offer Premium Gifts for Dad

It should come as no surprise that blended Scotch, the world's bestselling whisky category, offers premium opportunities for giving to Dad as Father's Day approaches.

Three leading blends, Chivas Regal, Dewar's and Johnnie Walker, have promotions around their ultrapremium products, including special packaging and even customized messaging.

Chivas Regal has recently created lavish packaging for its 18-year-old in partnership with the French fashion house Christian Lacroix.

The limited-edition bottling comes in a mirrored box wrapped in embroidered jacquard fabric. A laser metallization technique has been utilized to decorate the vessel.

Only 100 bottles will be available (beginning in June) and they will sell for $495. If you can't score one of the Lacroix editions, the regular Chivas 18 bottling contains the same liquid (about $75).

And if you want a big step up, there is Chivas's Royal Salute, a 21-year-old, for about $175. Top of the line is the Chivas Regal 25-year-old at about $250.

If you are looking for a more personalized message for your father, Johnnie Walker continues to offer its engraving service on its ultrapremium Blue Label blend. Visit or call 877-JW BLUE LABEL (877-592-5835) to get your customized bottle in motion. Blue Label, which has no age statement, retails for $225 for a 750 ml bottle and $550 for 1.75 liter edition. Other ultrapremiums from Johnnie Walker include King George V ($679) and the 18-year-old Gold Label ($111).

Dewar's Signature

Dewar's, which has done a general repackaging to modernize its look in the past year, also has special packaging that should leave an impression on any father.

It's 12-year ($28.99) can be purchased in a gift box that includes a branded Dewar's flask.

The Dewar's Signature ($199), its highest marque, regularly comes in an impressive wooden box that will not soon be forgotten.

Another firm choice from Dewar's is its 18-year-old Founder's Reserve ($79.99). It does not come in gift packaging, however.

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"The Chivas with the Lacroix packaging is already out. I was tempted to pull the trigger in Miami earlier this week." —May 27, 2011 20:44 PM