Saying Yes To Cigars

I'm back in the office after a week on Cape Cod with my family, a trip that has turned into a summer tradition in my household. Each summer we head to the ocean dunes of eastern Massachusetts to put our feet in the sand and take a break from the working world. During the day we look for a beach with waves, or a quiet bayside cove where swarms of minnows dart away from your legs. At night we sit down to clam chowder, fried clams or succulent lobster rolls, and all is right with the world.

I smoke for work, so I often take a little break from smoking when I'm away, but I seldom travel without cigars. I had a nice selection with me when we checked in at the Wequassett Resort in Harwich, a hotel that has turned into a family favorite.

What brings the Wequassett to this blog is a new area the resort opened this season, a sprawling outdoor space featuring comfortable, curved couches set around fire pits and rows of bright white Adirondack chairs. All of it is cigar friendly and puts a traveler in a comfortable seat overlooking a quiet body of water dubbed Pleasant Bay.

Most places in the United States and elsewhere seem to be removing cigar-friendly spots, so when a place moves in the opposite direction and makes itself more accessible to cigar smokers, it makes me happy. The big outdoor area is gorgeous, offering views of Pleasant Bay. The waters seldom see a wave larger than an inch or two, so it's perfect for taking out a paddleboard or just getting your toes wet. Sitting in one of those chairs, cigar in hand, overlooking the tranquil waters, seems to be pretty close to perfection.

At the Wequassett, if you forget to bring your cigars (tip: you should always travel with a few) you're not out of luck. You're far from a cigar shop, but the resort has a good cigar menu (yes, a cigar menu) at its restaurant Thoreau's, a small dining spot with a pub feel located only a few steps away from that grand outdoor area. The menu has a variety of choices, arranged by strength, with a cigar for just about any palate. The list includes cigars from Fonseca, Macanudo, NUb, Rocky Patel, Arturo Fuente, Ashton and more. Want a libation to watch that sunset? Waiters will bring you anything from a glass of wine to a Cognac or Port.

Wequassett Hotel cigar area.

One day during my visit I spent a little time alone in one of the Adirondack chairs. I clipped the head from a Fuente Fuente OpusX Double Corona (a one-time Cigar Aficionado Cigar of the Year), brought a flame to the dark foot of the cigar and puffed away, looking at the tranquil waters. Not a bad way to spend some time.

I've added Thoreau's at the Wequassett to our growing list of cigar-friendly places in Where to Smoke, our free app that will direct you to bars, cigar lounges, rooftop lounges and outdoor patios that welcome your cigar. If you know of ones we have missed, let us know. Our goal is to help our readers find places that will allow them to enjoy a fine cigar.

"I vary depending on the trip and my needs. For this one it was an Andre Garcia leather travel humidor, the type that stands vertically and can hold about a dozen cigars." —September 2, 2014 09:40 AM
"David, Looks absolutely beautiful. Quick question, on your trip what did you use for your cigar storage? All my best, Eric Miller" —September 1, 2014 16:36 PM
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