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Saving Cigars With the Cigar Savor

Every cigar smoker has been in the predicament. You're halfway through a great cigar and suddenly you're forced to extinguish it. Whether it's because of antismoking laws or your wife, sometimes you just can't win. Putting out your cigar is the only choice. But does that really mean you have to abandon your cigar in some ashtray? No way. You're going to want to finish that baby later, so why not keep it safe -- primed and ready to fire up again. Time to try out the Cigar Savor.

Distributed by Altadis USA, the Cigar Savor is an invaluable tool, even if it does look a little hokey at first. The important thing is that the Cigar Savor works and it works well. It accommodates partially smoked cigars up to 7 1/2 inches long with a 51 ring gauge. The key element is its self-adjusting spring mechanism, featuring a heat-absorbing snuffer to extinguish the lit end of the cigar. The spring also pushes the cigar against the bottom of the cap, helping to reshape the wet end. The cap is screw-on to keep the tube airtight, which prevents any cigar odors from escaping. A second cap, located at the other end of the tube, is also screw-on and allows you to empty the Cigar Savor of any ash that collects.

The Original Cigar Savor retails for $25 and is available in nine colors, but the Altadis catalog includes other styles that range in price from $79 to $250. These include Cigars Savors made of pewter and stamina wood, and ones that include golf motifs and the Cigar Aficionado logo. For more information, contact Altadis at 800-683-8800.

"I have been in search of cigar savor on the internet for the last two days seems like when I would find one they were sold out, If you are a cigar smoker and a traveler thin is a must have iteam, I have own the ones made of platic and then you sit on then they will break but it seems that they are the only thing I can find these days I use to have a few that were made of aluminum lokk like a shotgun shell have been looking for also the last two days ( no luck ) Now I have knowen about Cigsr Aficionado for all the yeary I have smoke cigers I read and look a the artical at bthe smoke shop I hang In In Reno Nevada and that is Hatuey Cigars I do enjoy there cigars but also smoke others,I spend a lot of time out of the country most of the year and in Panama so boy some of the cigars made here are real bad but if you have the habit you will smoke then at least give then a try and yes of course you can get the cubin cigars here for the most part they are sold in Panama City and I live a long way from Panama City. " —January 20, 2012 19:48 PM