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S4 Carl Fogarty

If you can't afford a Ferrari Maranello or even the new Maserati Spyder convertible, why not go for a Ducati motorcycle? The Duc to have at the moment is the S4 Carl Fogarty, a limited-edition, kicked-up version of the S4 Monster. Briton Fogarty held four world titles in the World Superbike Competition riding for Ducati, and the Italian manufacturer, based in Bologna, decided now was a good time to honor the retired wonder.

The S4 Carl Fogarty is basically the same as the recently released "bad boy" S4. Both have 916 engines with a lighter, more rigid frame as well as an upgraded rear suspension with an aluminum swing arm that standard Monsters don't have. This, according to Ducati, gives the machines a slightly larger wheelbase, which makes the S4 a little bit taller than the other Monsters and gives the rider leaner angles for sweeping curves. The gearing in the transmission is set up for quicker acceleration and an upgraded braking system has been added to improve overall performance.

The main differences between the S4 normale and the Carl Fogarty are cosmetic. While the former looks dark and high tech, the latter is bright and very Italiano, with most of the fittings, other than frame and mechanics, painted in bright red and white. There's also a Fogarty logo on the nose fairing and gas tank as well as a Ducati Corse shield. Performance-wise, the Fogarty gives a little more punch at the throttle due to a set of twin carbon-fiber Termignoni mufflers that deliver nine more horsepower than the 101 already attained in the S4.

Only 300 of the bikes were made and all are already spoken for. The secondary market is expected to be strong and the price significantly higher than the suggested U.S. retail of $14,861. The Ducati S4 Carl Fogarty is already a collector's item, which may be why Ducati also includes a shop stand and cover with every bike.

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