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Room 101's Cigarmageddon Hits New York City

Matt Booth, who partnered with Camacho to create Room 101 Cigars, is rampaging across the country on what has been billed as the Cigarmageddon Tour, promoting his line of cigars city-by-city like Godzilla. Or at least, that’s how he feels.

“Now that we are blossoming—actually elevating our presence within the premium tobacco class—I feel mad amounts of positive energy,” said Booth today on a visit to the offices of Cigar Aficionado. “It would be impossible to truly express just how honored I feel, so impossible, I felt it was appropriate to illustrate the raw Godzilla-like emotion coursing through my veins.”

His emotion is echoed in the promotional poster that depicts Booth as a sort of campy, fire-breathing monster out of classic science fiction.

The tour began in late August. Booth is now in New York City, leveling the Big Apple with his new Room 101 Connecticut line as well as the stronger Room 101 Namakubi cigars—a Samurai themed series of smokes packaged in very eye-catching lacquered boxes. Those on board the tour will also have the opportunity to try his unreleased One Shot One Kill, a small perfecto that is destined to become a three-cigar line.

After New York, Cigarmageddon will descend on Denver, Washington D.C. and then Chicago. The tour is scheduled to wreak havoc well into next year.

“I sometimes hit up to four cities in one week,” said Booth. “The tour is supposed to finish up in March, but really, I don’t think it’s ever going to end.”

Room 101 Cigars are made in Honduras by Camacho, which is owned by Davidoff of Geneva.