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Roll Out the Barrel: Cask Aged Aurora Cigars

Jul 27, 2007 | By David Savona
Roll Out the Barrel: Cask Aged Aurora Cigars

Few cigars are made from tobacco aged in barrels, so the cigar men at Aurora S.A. think they have something special with their Aurora Corojo Oscuro Barrel Aged Cigar.

All of the tobacco used to make the cigar spends time in old oak barrels that once held Dominican rum. The idea is not to impart flavor to the cigar, but to keep the tobacco in a nearly sealed environment, concentrating the heat and the aging process.

"Last year we said, Let's put the wrapper in barrels for one year," says Jose Blanco, director of sales for the Santiago, Dominican Republic, company.

When they were opened, it smelled like heaven, said Blanco, and the tobacco "got real dark." Aurora already barrel-ages the tobacco used inside its Preferidos, 1495 and 100 Años cigars, but aging the wrapper as well is new for the company.

The Corojo Oscuro Barrel Aged Cigar will come in four sizes, retail for $6 to $9 and debut at the Retail Tobacco Dealers of America trade show in two weeks.

From the July 17 issue of Cigar Insider.

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