Rocky Patel Adds Humidipaks

Corrected July 9

Rocky Patel Premium Cigars is taking an extra step to ensure that its cigars stay properly humidified between the factory and the end consumer. Starting late this summer, select boxes of premium cigars sold by the Naples, Florida, company will come with a custom-printed Humidipak humidity control packet.

The packs are made by Humidipak Inc., a Minneapolis company that has invented a clever and effective disposable device that maintains proper humidity. Patel opted for the 69 percent pack, which should keep the cigars inside each box very close to 69 percent humidity.

The packs work two ways: they'll add moisture when needed and extract moisture if conditions get too damp.

"We are honored to have Rocky Patel include our Humidipak technology in their cigar boxes," said Sean Knutsen, president and CEO of Humidipak. Said Rocky Patel, owner of the Rocky Patel brands: "We put a tremendous amount of time, effort and expense to make sure our cigars are the absolute highest quality product possible for our customers to enjoy. By using Humidipak in our packaging, we are extending our quality control efforts beyond our factory door all the way to the retailer's shelves and our customer's hands."

Patel joins such brands as Arturo Fuente, C.A.O. and Carlos Toraño in putting Humidipaks in its cigar boxes.