Review—Hollis Bahringer Cigar Cutter

Review—Hollis Bahringer Cigar Cutter

So many cigar accessories make their way to my desk, and I usually shy away from ones that look overly stylish. Don't get me wrong, I love a lighter or cutter that looks good, but what really interests me is how it works. I cut and light more cigars than most, and my patience is quite thin for lighters that don't light and cutters that fail to cut.

The Hollis Bahringer Cigar Cutter fooled me, for it's a stylish cutter that works beautifully.

Part of the Palisander Collection from Hollis Bahringer, the $195 cutter is slim and elegant. The guts of the cutter are a pair of quite sharp and well made stainless-steel blades (the company says they are grade 316L) decorated with a palisander rosewood inlay from Brazil.

It's smaller than most double-bladed guillotines, and that suits me just fine. It's ideal for an evening out, more appropriate for when you're wearing a suit and tie than breaking out a plastic cutter, or something with a more flashy color scheme. The combination of steel and the reddish-brown wood is striking, and the cutter has performed admirably throughout months of tests in the office.

Should you so desire, the Palisander collection includes matching cufflinks, a bracelet and even a necklace. All the items are designed by Charles P. Bahringer, an American designer who works in metals and has done pieces for Tiffany, Harry Winston and many other clients.

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