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Review: Credo Synchro Steel Cutter

Review: Credo Synchro Steel Cutter

If your preferred device for cutting cigars is a double guillotine, then at some point you've likely crushed the head of your cigar instead of smoothly snipping it off. This often happens if one is using a cheap cutter with dull blades. Sometimes, though, it's due to a smoker not applying smooth, even pressure to both of the blades during the cut.

This pressure problem is what Credo sought to solve when it created its Synchro Steel Cutter, a double guillotine cutter that is held like a pair of scissors and cuts nicely through the caps of cigars up to 54 ring gauge in width.

Based in France and best known for its humidification devices, Credo also manufactures a popular cutter called Two Blades as well as a quirky 3-in-1 punch cutter.


The Synchro Steel Cutter is a step-up from these other designs, as it ensures a smooth cut via its ingenious gear system snugly housed in its body. When the user unclasps the button-closure system, the blades flay outward, exposing the opening where the cigar head will be placed. Holding the handles with a thumb and index finger, the user then swiftly closes the blades. The gear system then goes to work, synchronizing the blades so that equal pressure is applied to both sides of the cap. The button-closure system then locks the blades back in place.

After cutting more than 100 cigars, however, we noticed that the closure system sometimes works too well, as the cap stubbornly sticks to the blades and can be difficult to remove.

While the retail price of $76 may seem a bit steep, keep in mind the Synchro Steel is manufactured in France and sports two Japanese, tempered-steel blades that are as hard as most axes. It's a lightweight cutter that comes in various metallic or wood veneer finishes. Each Synchro Steel cutter also comes with a leather pouch for storage.

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"I have to say I was happy with mine right up until it fell apart about a month after using it. At some point two of the three very small screws holding it together disappeared when I was cutting a cigar. I was outside and couldn't find them. I am now awaiting a response from customer service for replacements. Absent the screw issue it seems well made but if I don't get replacement screws then it is useless. " —September 10, 2016 01:10 AM