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Review: Adorini Travel Humidor Cedro

Review: Adorini Travel Humidor Cedro
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Designing an elegant travel humidor without sacrificing durability can be a complex task. Most forgo attempting to find a happy medium and produce humidors that are either encased in plastic or bear shiny, lacquered finishes that seem much too delicate for mobile use. But, as Ronald Reagan once said, sometimes there are simple answers to complex problems, and that's exactly what German cigar accessories company Adorini has done with its treatment of the travel humidor.

The Adorini Travel Humidor Cedro is essentially a scaled-down version of the company's larger Cedro humidor buttressed with subtle reinforcements to optimize its on-the-go functionality. Removable foam inserts fit snugly to the base and inside lid of the humidor, keeping the cigars in place, and a button lock has been added to the lid to ensure a firm seal.

The exterior measures 10 1/4 inches by 7 1/4 inches with a depth of about 1 1/4 inches. Without the foam inserts, the capacity is roughly 12 to 15 cigars, depending on size. The inserts can hold 13 cigars—one mold fits eight cigars vertically, the other holds five longer smokes horizontally. While some foam inserts used for travel humidors significantly restrict space, the Adorini humidor has some added depth to the inside lid, so both inserts can be used at the same time.


The inserts, however, while versatile, can't accommodate all vitolas. Some popular sizes, like coronas and toros, are too long for the vertical insert, which caps out at around 5 1/4 inches.

Long, thin cigars such a panetelas won't fit either, as the horizontal mold has trouble holding smokes less than 42 ring gauge. These slots are made for larger ring-gauge cigars, such as a Churchills. But the inserts are removable, so you have options. Use one, both, or none at all, depending on the cigars you're packing.

Of all the humidors in Adorini's portfolio, the Cedro line is a good choice to get the travel treatment. The unfinished, Spanish-cedar veneer gives the humidor a natural look and appears to be less susceptible to minor wear-and-tear than a travel humidor with a delicate lacquered finish. It's both durable and aesthetically pleasing, hitting that sweet spot we look for in compact humidors.

One feature that Adorini removed for the travel-size Cedro is the magnetic lid for attaching humidification devices. It comes with a standard humidifier, but it will only fit in place of a cigar. Given the spacial restrictions, you might want to swap it out for a small Boveda bag that can fit comfortably between the two inserts.

The price of $121 might seem steep for a humidor that only holds about 13 cigars. Keep in mind, though, that the Cedro can double as a desktop humidor when it's not tucked away in your duffel bag. And it's still tough enough to serve its main purpose: keeping those precious cigars safe during transit.

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