Retro Keyboard

Back in my youth, I would sit down in front of a massive typewriter made of steel, a heavy and industrial beast so formidable it could have been smelted in a Soviet naval yard. My fingers would find the appointed keys and I’d be off to the races, pecking away as the keyboard sang back to me. The words would flow and the pages would fly.

I never missed the look of that particular typewriter, but its keys were marvelous, tactile and sturdy. Over the years, I have found myself ever more disappointed in computer keyboards. They seemed to evolve in a way directly opposed to cellphones—while the latter have become ever larger (say, is that an iPhone pressed to your ear or a phone book?) the former have grown ever smaller, more flimsy, lacking substance and soul. If you love to write, keyboards that slide around are not your friend.

Enter the Azio Retro Classic. Crafted on a zinc alloy frame, the keyboard is sturdy and stately. Its face is adorned with leather or wood (our preferred choice), and the rounded, metallic keycaps have just the right amount of give and a remarkably cool look. 

The keyboard (starting at $110) looks old, but it has modern features—it’s backlit, the height is adjustable and it has all the keys one would expect to operate a computer. The Azio Retro Classic comes in various styles, and works on PCs and Macs. It’s not as loud as the typewriters that clacked throughout newsrooms of yore, but it will get you noticed in your office—in a good way. And it makes the copy flow, good for any writer, whether you’re a novelist, journalist or just penning a memo to inspire the troops.