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Reds Cigar Celebration Under Fire

After Cincinnati Reds outfielder Jay Bruce's dramatic walk-off home run clinched the team's first postseason appearance in 15 years last Tuesday, the jubilant squad did what any team in that situation would do—celebrated with Champagne and cigars in the clubhouse.

Everyone who has watched the ups-and-downs of the Reds team was excited, save for five anonymous viewers watching the event from home.

According to media reports, five people called the Statewide Smoking Ban Complaint Hotline to report the victory smoking as a violation of the state's indoor smoking ban, and now state law requires an official inspection must be conducted.

Rocky Merz, spokesman for the State Health Department, said a health inspector will be sent to Great American Ball Park, the Reds home field, within 30 days at about the same time of day as the alleged violation occurred. In other words, an inspector might be attending a playoff game.

"We come in unannounced, obviously," Merz told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

If the inspector witnesses someone smoking, the team could be fined $100 by law.

At press time, the Reds had begun their series with the Philadelphia Phillies.

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"Lighting up with a $100 bill on live TV next time might get the point across. " —October 11, 2010 14:55 PM
"If I were a millionaire and the fine for smoking was only 100 dollars, then I'd smoke 5 cigars. Cigars and spirits have been the long benchmark for success and triumph. CRA for all aficionados!!!" —October 11, 2010 13:55 PM
"I think those who phoned are Cardinals fans." —October 7, 2010 09:39 AM
"Let's see: a $100 fine for a team of millionaires owned by a billionaire? Light up! Screw the puritanical hypocrites, let 'em phone in all they want." —October 7, 2010 02:39 AM
"I sure as an athlete and executive of the sport, they could care less about something thats only going to be a $100 fine to the team!! It cost them more to celebrate the accomplishment than what the penalty would be!! Seems like a big deal over nothing!!" —October 6, 2010 18:58 PM
"Thats crazy. Cigars and champagne are the symbols and victory of success and enjoyable to boot. Let them enjoy their victory and stop raining on the parade. If those 5 callers were on the team, they would be smoking too. It's a classic sports tradition." —October 6, 2010 18:45 PM