Review: Quasar Tabletop Cutter

Review: Quasar Tabletop Cutter

You’d be forgiven if you mistook Colibri’s newest cutter for something that may have broken off of Elon’s Musk’s Falcon Heavy rocket during its historic space launch in February. With a cosmic name and sharp, protruding angles that are reminiscent of a child’s abstraction of a star, the Quasar certainly appears like it could be a futuristic object that fell from the heavens. The Quasar is not built for space travel, but instead is a two-in-one cigar cutter built for your tabletop. And it just happens to be one of the best on the market.

The Quasar tabletop cutter ($125) is the newest in Colibri’s Quasar series, which includes an ashtray and limited-edition humidor. The line’s hallmark is the pyramidal motif that’s carried throughout. It drew inspiration from the shapely Hearst building in New York City as well as the hobnail pattern on Colibri’s Molectric lighter from the 1960s. Elegant, yet masculine, classic but also futuristic, the Quasar cutter commands the eye’s attention. But the real beauty of the device is what’s housed inside its cuboid shape.

Built from solid metal and weighing about one pound and five ounces, the Quasar features two stainless-steel cutters to snip your smokes. When you push down on the Quasar’s top, four oiled pistons pop up and reveal the unit’s cutting blades in unison. On one side of the cube is a double-guillotine cutter capable of swiftly snipping cigars up to 70 ring gauge. If you prefer a wedge cut, or cat’s eye, opposite the straight blades is a V-cutter option that can handle smokes up to 60 ring gauge.

The oiled pistons ensure that the cutting action is smooth, and both blades are more than capable of easily cutting cigars of all shapes, from figurados to parejos. The clippings collect in an inner chamber, which is accessed and emptied via a twist cap on the bottom of the unit. Additionally, a rubber gasket on the bottom of the Quasar prevents it from slipping or damaging your desktop.

While the Quasar doesn’t come in space-suit white, it is available in black, red, gunmetal and silver.