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Prometheus Optima Humidity Regulator

As we get deeper into the summer months, two subjects tend to surface frequently in conversation, however brief or long: humidity and temperature.

For the cigar smoker, though, these are a year-round concern, namely controlling the two so cigars remain stored properly.

To make the process as simple as possible, Prometheus offers the Optima Humidity Regulator.

The Optima, manufactured in France for Prometheus by Credo, a familiar name in cigar humidification systems, is designed for a desktop humidor and Prometheus claims it is good for up to 100 cigars.

Inside the plastic casing is a foam-like material that has been chemically treated so the evaporation of water is controlled to be slow, gradual and at a constant 70 percent relative humidity.

Set up is fairly straightforward: undo the packaging and pour distilled water onto the foam through slits in the plastic until it is saturated, then lay flat on a paper towel and let dry before attaching it to the humidor's lid.

The Optima has been pretreated at the factory with Prometheus Special Care Solution. The company suggests treating the device with this solution, sold separately for $15, every six months to ensure proper operation.

The Optima Humidity Regulator retails for $69.95 and can be found at tobacconists across the country, or by visiting