Prometheus Magma T Table Top Lighter

Prometheus Magma T Table Top Lighter

New for this year from cigar accessories maker Prometheus is the Magma T, a table top lighter that can double as a punch cutter and sports a practical, charming design.

With a flick of the thumb, the top-cap opens to reveal a triple-torch flame that is activated by a trigger on the side of the lighter's body. The trigger is sturdy and, when pressed, emits a distinct clicking sound before the flame is revealed.

The flame can be adjusted easily by either a flat-head screwdriver or a dime, and it's wide enough to spark up any ultra-ring gauge cigar you might have in your humidor.

Should you be unable to locate a cutter, the Magma T features two punch cutters, one a standard 1/4-inch punch and the other a larger 3/8-inch circle, on it's base that are revealed by pressing a tiny safety latch. When the cutters are closed back onto the body, two posts (one is actually the flame adjuster) on the lighter conveniently knock the cut cigar cap out of the punch so you don't have to.

The lighter also features a fuel window that changes the gas level inside the chamber so it appears a shade of blue. This smart design idea acts as a nice visual aid for users so they can easily see whether or not they need to refill the lighter.

The Magma T sells for $79.95 and comes in four attractive finishes: black lacquer, barley, shaper cut and wave.

"Vector Thundra is $30 less but this is more elegant looking.I am tempted." —February 8, 2013 17:22 PM