Cigar Aficionado

Portable Ashtray

You've rented a car for the weekend, and you're looking for the ashtray. You find, in order, a rack to hold CDs, an opening that would hold a navigation system, had it been included with this model, and cup holders out the ying yang. No ashtray. Seems like the folks in charge don't want you to smoke.

Take this, rental counter hawks -- a portable car ashtray, as in the Smoker's Sidekick from CSL Inc. Guess where you stick it? Right in one of those cup holders, of which you have a plethora.

It's not posh or pretty, but it's what the doctor ordered. It fits right in a cup holder, takes your ashes and even has a handy little slide top to limit the odors from the butts and ashes. (The ashtray also has a clip to attach it to your golf bag. Note of warning: it's not meant for the shirt pocket.) The piece retails for $19.95 at select cigar shops and golf shops.

Just don't forget your lighter, because most of the cars that don't have ashtrays don't have those, either. Drive in peace.