Cigar Aficionado

Porsche Travel Humidor

You know the car, now test-drive the luxury travel humidor from Porsche Design. Like its speed-racing relative, the case uses high-tech materials and innovative design to catch the eye of fellow aficionados.

Fashioned from carbon fiber, the same material used to craft interior and exterior parts on the automobile namesake, the veneer has a modern, shimmering weave pattern that is a departure from the classic leather travel humidor. The rock-hard shell is polished to a shiny gloss with sleek, rounded corners. Measuring one and a half inches deep, four and a half inches wide and eight inches long, the case can go from your glove compartment to your coat pocket very comfortably and fit up to three large cigars.

The interior is lined with cedar and comes with a slim, cylindrical humidification unit, which doubles as a divider. Despite the heavy-duty construction, the case is light, weighing only 9.6 ounces, but it still has a firm feel when opening and closing. Unlike the car, however, there is no locking system.

Integral is authorized to distribute Porsche Design smoking materials exclusively in the USA. The company's Porsche travel humidor is part of a new line of cigar accessories released from Integral Corp., just making their way to the United States from Europe this year. It retails for $700 and is available at fine tobacconists or by calling 1-866-746-9026.