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Porsche Selection Lifestyle Accessories

Are you burning up the pavement in your Porsche, but your old smoking tools can't keep up the pace? Is your regular ride more mundane and you're depending on your cigar accessories to provide some RPMs? Whatever your vehicle of choice, Porsche's new Selection Accessories -- including humidor, lighter, ashtray and cigar knife -- will put a cherry on your Sunday drive. Designed with the driving cigar aficionado in mind, these are rally tools that will handle the twists and turns of smoking in a speeding auto.

Don't like fumbling for cigars while driving? The Leichtmetall Luggage Humidor ($405) opens like a book for easy access on the seat. Its carved spaces hold six cigars a side and keep them snug with elastic belts. Rimowa, the century-old German luggage maker that was the first to make luggage in aluminum, designed the grooved casing emblazoned with the Porsche name from the same class of material as the car's engine block.

The Porsche Design Knife-Swiss Cigar Knife ($139), sleekly designed by Porsche and manufactured by Switzerland-based Wenger S.A., makers of the Swiss Army Knife, provides the essential cigar scissors for a high-speed cut. An array of other implements will allow you to survive in the farthest reaches of civilization—just in case your weekend drive takes you off the beaten path.

Reach for the Aluminum Alloy Lighter ($95) and you're holding a step-shaped little number meant to look like the Porsche piston rings. The satin-finished alloy clicks back to reveal an eager jet flame able to withstand convertible-caliber winds. Release the button and the flame quickly disappears. You can perform the whole process with one hand and never take your eyes off the road. When the ash gets long, well, don't flick it into the Aluminum Alloy Cigar Ashtray ($75), unless you've anchored it to the console of your car. While the ashtray's grooves are built to cradle any size cigar and the grips on the bottom as well as a hefty weight
(1 3/4 pounds) help it hold fast to surfaces, it is not recommended for use in speeding automobiles.

Call 800-PORSCHE or order from the Porsche owner catalog.