Plugged Cigars

Plugged Cigars
Is there any way of curing a tight draw?

It's not easy. But it can be done. Plugged cigars sometimes have a knot in the bunch that keeps enough smoke from reaching your mouth. A determined cigar smoker can attempt to massage the knot in order to try to loosen the bunch.

This is a delicate process. It takes some pressure to work through a knot, but applying too much force can easily split a cigar's wrapper. From our experience no matter how hard you try, you run a pretty good chance of splitting the wrapper.

Unfortunately, most draw problems stem from when a buncher has twisted the filler tobacco while making the bunch. If this is the case, massaging isn't going to help.

Some products have come to market allowing a smoker to punch holes through a cigar. We've had mixed results with these tools. In the long run, remember that cigars are handmade products and subject to the shortcomings of human beings. If you have a plugged cigar, perhaps you should simply chalk it up to experience and pick up a fresh smoke.

"You can feel the plug between your fingers, and when you find it start working on it. The 'squeezing while slowly rolling' method has worked for me many times. " —February 28, 2017 10:42 AM
"I've saved a good number of premium cigars by using a Draw Poker. The cigar is held in a tray with a cover, and a long metal rod is inserted through a hole, or holes in one end of the tray. The rod is pushed the length of the cigar, and usually one try renders the cigar smokable. You do have to be very careful not to bend the rod as it has a really small circumference and will puncture your next cigar if it is bent. A good Draw Poker is not very expensive." —August 2, 2016 23:37 PM