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Playing with Matches

The Haute Box by 2pyromaineiacs, Inc. lends a little flair to the drab match with a line of specially designed matchbooks. The company takes the ordinary fire starters you're used to, gives them some graphics, color, different sizes and a theme, and packages them in eight-book box sets. What does this all amount to? In the end, it amounts to the same flame as the 200 boxes of matches you keep by your barbecue, but with more class that is better suited for an indoor smoking room.

The "Oasis" theme, for instance, features the chic colors and designs of old-world Las Vegas with names like the Dunes, Sands and the Flamingo and words of wisdom for the gambler, such as "strike while its haute," "let it ride" or "take a chance," scrolled on the inner sleeve. Other varieties include the "Safari" collection, which sports prints of the Serengeti's finest animal skins, and the "Asia" collection, adorned in classic Oriental images of geisha girls and cherry blossoms.

Each set includes one four-inch box and seven two-inch boxes of matches. Haute Boxes have a suggested retail of $13.00 each. Matchbooks can also be purchased individually. For more information call 1-877-552-PYRO.