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Playboy Lighters

The girls of Playboy magazine are now, more than ever, on fire.

Playboy is teaming up with Zippo to create the "Decades of Playboy" limited-time, special-edition line of lighters, featuring classic cover shots from the magazine's amorous archives. Zippo has been a Playboy licensee since 1998, but this marks the first time that cover shots have been on Zippo lighters.

There are four pieces in the collection. The series starts off tamely with the June 1967 shot of "Mr. Playboy." Don't worry, it's a cute little fuzzy bunny with sunglasses, a good image for the more reserved fan. Things heat up from there with the "Retro Girl" lighter displaying the September '72 cover of Playmate Susan Miller -- a beautiful brunette fixing her shoe strap in a less-than-conservative, camouflage miniskirt. Following "Retro Girl," you can look back to the 1980 and 1988 covers. The '80 lighters exhibit the April cover of the "Playboy Singer," Playmate Liz Glazowski, dressed in purple hot pants and looking over her shoulder while singing into a microphone. The February '88 "Zebra Pants" lighter shows cover Playmate Kari Kennell quite appropriately dressed in skin-tight, zebra-print pants and posturing herself in an erotic position that looks as if she were, maybe…well -- stretching her hamstrings.

Like all Zippo lighters, the "Decades of Playboy" lighters are made of brass and then either powder-coated or chrome-plated depending on the style of lighter. They are sold separately at Zippo retailers for $34.95 apiece. For more information, go to

Photo by Jean Schwarzwalder