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Pharma-Grade Humidification

Ever look back on some of the curious bottled remedies and prescribed treatments of Victorian era Apothecaries? Farcical tinctures for a cough, questionable extracts for a headache, Opium paregoric for...everything. Kind of like grandpa's old "apple peel in the cigar box" advice for keeping your cigars fresh. If this kind of quackery has prevented your cigars from reaching optimal humidity, Cigar Tech is ready with a modern prescription: Dr. Rh Cigar Remedy.

While its charming amber bottles unmistakably reference the packaging of antiquated medicine, its new humidification system uses modern technology to integrate a food-grade propylene glycol solution with a three-stage, time-released moisture system. Yes, 99.9% pure food grade propylene glycol that meets United States Pharmacopeia (UPS) requirements for clean-room standards. This is not some back-alley gimmick.

Clean-room standards were established to keep the air in research environments as free of dust and microbes as possible.

But a solution this pure needs an equally uncorrupted delivery system so Dr. Rh is supplemented with a PhD (Portable Humidification Device), which is a four-ounce jar ($8) of a mixture of spherical and coarsely cut time-released polyacrylamide crystals. Pour the solution into the receptacle and watch each crystal absorb 400 times its weight in liquid. The polyacrylamide is a combination of slow-, medium- and quick-release hydro-gel crystals formulated to achieve and consistently maintain the ideal, axiomatic 70 percent relative humidity for 50-100 cigars.

If the jars are too cumbersome for your humidor, Cigar Tech also offers an MRI (Moisture Regulation Instrument). These can affix to the inner lid of your humidor like any other peel-and-stick humidification device and come in three sizes: round (small, $15) for 25-50 cigars, round (large, $20) for 50-100 cigars, or rectangular ($25) for 100-250 cigars. In keeping with pharmacological sterility, the plastic humidifier casings have been ultrasonically welded shut, creating a permanent seal without any noxious adhesives.

The proprietary solution itself is a potent ph balanced, antifungal and antimold formula of propylene glycol and distilled water. Bottles come in two sizes, eight ounces ($7) and 16 ounces ($11).

Consider the system a modern-day version of the old water cure—hydrotherapy for your cigars prescribed by qualified doctors who know how to balance the humors of a humidor. Just don't ask where they got their degrees in medicine.


"Just got tis stuff for my 50 count humidor. Work like a charm. Would definately recommend." —March 11, 2013 00:06 AM