Peter James Leather Cases
Photo/Jeff Harris

Like many good ideas, the Peter James cigar holder came from frustration. While smoking cigars among a group of friends, Matthew Henderson and John Laurendi noticed the clunky way cigar accessories were transported to the smoking spot. “People were pulling accessories out of every pocket,” says Henderson. “I was personally using an old shaving bag to carry my three-finger cigar case, lighter and cutter.” For John, it was even worse—he relied upon his wife to carry his cigars and gear—in her purse. She was growing annoyed. “We thought there has to be a better way,” says Henderson.

By 2014 the two founded Peter James (using their middle names as inspiration) and they had a product on the market by 2015. The result is the Peter James cigar case, which is far larger than a traditional cigar case, and meant to have all the necessary tools to enjoy a good smoke in one very good-looking device.

The cases have a cigar holder capable of holding five full-sized smokes, two pockets with leather closures for your cutter and lighter, and a much larger pocket for notecards or other gear. The center has a spot for your pen, and the lid has an opening for documents. A sturdy zipper keeps it closed.

The case is 9 1/2 inches tall (a bit taller than a Kindle), two inches deep and 5 1/2 inches wide. Made in North America using Italian leather and an American zipper, it’s just flexible enough to allow for easy storage in a briefcase, but sturdy enough to protect your cigars.

And it has style. The case draws a look when you take it out, and keeps your pockets free—and keeps you from having to ask your wife to open her pocketbook to get your Cohibas. At $350, it is available in several styles.