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Parrot Cay — Turks and Caicos

So you think you deserve a dream vacation. Peace and quiet. Privacy. Waves flowing gently from the Caribbean Sea onto a magnificent, sandy, pure white, reef-protected beach. Food and wine to please even the most discriminating gourmet. Accommodations of comfort and style. A luxurious spa dedicated to healing and relaxation. All on an island dedicated to only one resort.

May I suggest that you take a trip to Turks and Caicos followed by a 35-minute speedboat ride to Parrot Cay?

The little island's storied history over the past 280 years includes a pair of female pirates who used it as a base to menace the local waters and a number of attempts to farm its land with crops as diverse as lemons, coconuts, cotton, cassava, sweet potatoes and okra. The best use of Parrot Cay may have come in the last decade, however, with this hotel that uses but 50 of the island's 1,000 acres.

With only 60 rooms and villas, the focus of Parrot Cay is seclusion and enjoyment of the natural wonders, which include one of the world's largest reefs, a mile of sandy beach and more than 190 species of native birds. Hotel guests and the occupants of the adjacent beachfront villas (owned by the likes of Bruce Willis and a half-dozen other well-known VIPs) may snorkel or scuba by taking a short boat ride or pick a private spot on the beach. If that's not relaxing enough, there's the COMO Shambhala retreat, the hotel's spa, which offers a variety of massages and treatments, as well as yoga classes, sauna, steam and a private pool.

Dining is also an opportunity for healthy pursuits-or simply gastronomic ones. Executive chef Richard Thompson serves dishes that join the best of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine as well as offering the COMO Shambhala menu, which focuses on organic food, some of it served raw.

But if your dream vacation requires golf and/or a casino, Parrot Cay is not for you. This resort personifies peace, quiet and ultimate privacy. And it is highly recommended.

Visit or call 649-946-7788.