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Padilla Factory/Lounge Opens in Miami

Fans of Padilla cigars can now smoke one inside the factory where many will be made. Fabrica de Tabacos Padilla opened its doors in Little Havana last week. The new home of the Padilla cigar brand, envisioned by creator and brand owner Ernesto Padilla as a combination boutique cigar factory, cigar shop and smoking lounge, has yet to begin rolling cigars, but cigars are being sold and consumed on the premises.

The grand opening is scheduled for October 10, from 6 to 11 p.m.

Located across the street from historic Domino Park on 8th Street (Calle Ocho) and 15th Avenue, the cigar shop/factory will start rolling once the proper permits are secured.

"The new factory gives us something we have not had before, total control over production of our cigars," said brand owner Ernesto Padilla.

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