Out of the Humidor, June 2019

| By CA Readers | From Paul Giamatti, May/June 2019

Dear Marvin,
Being a fan of the series, I very much enjoyed your April 2019 article on “The Sopranos.” [“First Family,” March/April 2019.] There were a couple of bits of information I am curious about. Was James Gandolfini a regular cigar smoker off set, or did he just smoke cigars when called for in his acting career? What cigar brands and vitolas did he smoke during the scenes in “The Sopranos?” And what were his personal favorites?

Numa Robertson

Charlotte, North Carolina

Editors’ Response: James Gandolfini smoked cigars on screen and off. In the first story we dedicated to “The Sopranos” [“Mob Rule,” March/April 2001] writer Mervyn Rothstein interviewed Gandolfini, who spoke about smoking cigars. “I very much love cigars,” said Gandolfini at the time. “I’ll smoke maybe three or four a week. I’ll sit in the same place and not move for 45 minutes. It’s a ritual I really enjoy.” As for brand, size and shape, he was like many modern-day cigar smokers, eschewing a favorite and preferring to sample. “I like smoking a million different things. Sometimes I’ll want something a little stronger, sometimes not. I’m not much of an expert, but I’ll know immediately if I like something or if I don’t like it. I’m still at the stage where I’m experimenting with many different cigars, and I haven’t picked one that I consistently like.” His character seemed to share his smoking habits, as we recall Tony Soprano lighting up a variety of cigars, from Ashtons to Cubans to C.A.O.s and others.


Dear Marvin,
I am 55 years old and have had a lot of stress from work and the death of a very close friend. We were like father and son. I saw your magazine and tried cigars. I have discovered they are very relaxing. My taste has improved and I am picking up many wonderful flavors. My favorite is Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 1. I go to my cigar store so often, my tobacconist even gives me a discount.

Ross C. Melhuish

Melbourne, Australia

Editors’ Response: Our condolences. We’re glad to hear that our magazine helped during your difficult times.


Dear Marvin,
This issue (just the cover) is worth my subscription.

Scott Johnson

Evansville, Indiana

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Dear Marvin,
I hope you make a cover poster of this issue so I can put the last one next to it.

Chris Adams

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