Out of the Humidor, August 2019

Jul 2, 2019 | By CA Readers
Dear Marvin, Great articles on Paul Giamatti [“Roles of a Lifetime,”] and Pebble Beach [“National Treasure”] from the May/June issue. It’s noteworthy to read that all seven cigars on the Highlights page hailed from either Nicaragua or the 
Dominican Republic. Cuba was not included. Congratulations to those Nicaraguan and Dominican growers. I’m looking forward to the Las Vegas Big Smoke in November 2019, my sixth attendance. Frank Kohler Scottsdale, Arizona Editors’ Response: If there’s one thing our blind reviews have proven, it’s that cigars from Nicaragua, the Dominican Republic and Honduras can compete with Cubans, but if you read closely, you’ll see that some Cuban cigars tied for top robusto and figurado. See you at the Big Smoke. Dear Marvin, Great work guys. Paul is a titan among actors. Jeremy Piven Submitted via Instagram Dear Marvin, Just read your editors’ note from the May/June issue [“The Day Congress Listened to Cigarmakers”] and noted a sentence that displays considerable naïveté. “The intent of all these new rules was to keep tobacco out of the hands of children.” That may have been the stated intent but the truth is far different. The Obama administration had no compunction at attempting to destroy entire industries to achieve yet another goal designed to control the American people. Indeed, we 
are the “children” to which their stated intent refers. Hopefully common sense will prevail on this issue.  Rick Davenport  Harrisburg, Illinois  Dear Marvin,  I have been a subscriber for four years.  I read your magazine from cover to cover. In fact, your magazine has inspired me to travel to the Dominican Republic. Your travel articles in the November/December issue 
[“Dominican Dreams: A Cigar Lover’s Guide to the Good Life in the Dominican Republic”] gave me the “you got to go there” vibe. I have not flown in over 20 years but you can count on me reading your latest edition as I pass the time on my four-hour flight. Here’s to living the good life. Thomas Ferraro Brooklyn, Ohio Editors’ Response: We’re glad to hear our issue inspired you to get on a plane and fly to the Dominican Republic, which we visit often. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the trip. Dear Marvin, I must comment on the review that I read about the Romeo y Julieta Fabuloso in the [May/June] Connoisseur’s Corner. The review states, “At more than nine inches long, the Fabuloso is easily a two-hour smoke.” I’ll contradict. A cigar smoker is constantly drawing and tasting to enjoy every instant of the cigar. A puffer draws in short bursts, waits, poses, and wastes the life of the cigar to watch the ash grow and pretend he is a smoker. That could take two hours. But a smoker would enjoy every second of a Fabuloso in 1.25 hours...or less.  T.L. Sheldon San Diego, California Editors’ Response: Why the rush? We like to enjoy our cigars the way they were made: with patience. Puffing too quickly can cause bitterness. When you puff slowly, the cigar stays cool, maximizing the flavor. Don’t be afraid to take it slow. Dear Marvin, As I sit here in the courtroom on the day of my divorce, I want to personally thank you for your excellent writing and interesting stories. It has helped this painful process. Particularly captivating was the story of Sir Winston Churchill and his amazing life [“Winston Churchill: Portrait of Power,” May/June 2018]. I particularly enjoyed the fact vs. legend portion, and find it fitting that I read this story so intently considering my current location and situation. There are many fact vs. legend moments here! As a subscriber to your magazine for several years, I truly enjoy receiving it and get giddy as I walk home from the mailbox. I cannot wait to sit down and read the issue as I sip on Johnnie Walker Blue and enjoy my Partagas. Any size or style will do. I enjoy Rocky Patels as well. Please do not ever lose the ability to not only entertain but also inform your readers. Dr. David Yeager Dixon, Illinois Editors’ Response: After many years of publishing Cigar Aficionado, we’ve learned that a fine cigar, a good read and a great sip of whisky make even the darkest days seem brighter. Hang in there. v Correction The price for the Plasencia Reserva Original Churchill was mislabeled in the tastings section of the May/June issue. Its suggested retail price is $9.50.