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Out of the Humidor

| By CA Readers | From Kevin Spacey, Jan/Feb 02

Dear Marvin,

The terrorist attacks of September 11 have impacted all our lives in one way or another. I would like to share a very touching story regarding one of our customers and how his wife, Rachel, found comfort in purchasing cigars.

Peter Goodrich was a resident of Sudbury, Massachusetts, and was part of the Victory Cigar Society. Periodically he would stop in the lounge and enjoy a fine cigar and beverage. Sadly, Peter was an innocent passenger on one of the planes that was hijacked into the World Trade Center.

Rachel stopped in the store this week and asked me to help her choose 250 cigars. "I want all of Peter's friends to enjoy a fine cigar after the memorial service. I also want them to be the very best cigars you have to offer. He would want it that way," she said.

I am glad she was able to find some comfort while picking out her husband's favorite cigars. I am glad cigars were included as his family and friends celebrated his life.

In 1776, battles for freedom and independence were fought in our town of Sudbury and neighboring Lexington and Concord. Two hundred and twenty-five years later, we are fighting a new kind of war. It is so unfortunate our country has to once again shed tears for freedom.

To Rachel, the fine people who make up the Victory Cigar Society send our condolences. May God bless us all.

Mark Piscillo
Victory Cigar
Sudbury, Massachusetts


Dear Marvin,

I would like to express my sincerest condolences to any of your readers who have suffered personally and to your great country in this, your hour of need.

One cannot comprehend the feelings of despair, horror and bewilderment that you all must be feeling.

I would like to express my professional "well done" to the amazing efforts of the emergency services, be they firefighters, police, medics or "ordinary" citizens.

As a male in my mid-50s who has spent his life in uniform and thought he had seen it all, I take no shame in the fact that I have shed many tears over the last few days. People are openly crying in the streets of Melbourne. My 6-year-old grandson and his classmates are currently writing letters of best wishes to the people of New York. No one is untouched.

My sincerest regards to you all.

Kerry M. Maloney
Melbourne, Australia


Dear Marvin,

I'm a fairly new subscriber to Cigar Aficionado, which means I've had it for probably only the past two months. I just got done reading your December issue, with the cover story, "Captain Courageous," about New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. I just wanted to take the time and commend you on such a fantastic magazine. It goes beyond the level of just a magazine dealing with cigars, but encompasses everything that's going on with reality today. I just felt that you should be praised for it.

Chris McCall
Los Angeles, California


Dear Marvin,

To all of you who have been blessed to have experienced the expertise of the designers, chefs and staff of Windows on the World and Cellar in the Sky, I hope that the memories of your experience last you forever. Remember the victims and their families as you reminisce of fine wines, great cigars, memorable dinners, dear friends. The victims live in our memories each time we think of that special place.

I will never forget that I had my first glass of single malt there, looking over Brooklyn and marveling at the view and exquisite taste of the amber liquid in my glass. I can't stop thinking of the prep crew in the restaurant at the time of the disaster, the sous chef making orders for purveyors, the servers smoking a cigarette, watching the disaster unfold below, the terror in them.

My heart goes out to the families of my brothers and sisters in this industry. May they find solace.

Keith Wright
Asheville, North Carolina


Dear Marvin,

I hope you folks are safe and well in light of the recent terrorist tragedy. Somehow, even my enjoyment of a good smoke has been affected. It makes me feel guilty to light one up. How sad! I logged on to your site and reread one of my summer issues of Cigar Aficionado to begin a move back to normal life. That is what those people want - to disrupt our way of life and not just to attack our people and cities. As much as I have been waving my American flag, I fear that if we do not force ourselves to move back to normal living, we will be waving a white flag, instead. Hang in there, America!

Lou Iadone
Walden, New York


Editor's note: We share your thoughts about how hard it has been to relax and enjoy the same things that we did before September 11. But it is important to renew our commitment to the joys that come from living in a free country like America. If it helps, we know that at Ground Zero, the rescue and recovery workers were taking daily breaks from their heartbreaking work, to sit back and have a cigar with their comrades.