Out Of The Humidor

| From Adam Rayner, July/August 2016

Dear Marvin,

Thank you very much for standing up to Nick Enns' comments [Out of the Humidor, June 2016]. I was surprised to read his ridiculous views. I, for one, only buy the best cigars I can afford and own an Omega Planet Ocean 600 meters and an Oris BC3 Silver Lake Edition. These watches are my most important possessions, after my kids and wife.

I completely disagree with his opinions that young people don't use fine timepieces because every phone has the time. This is like telling a young lady you don't need a $15,000 diamond ring because you can see pictures of one on your phone.

Ernesto Valenzuela
San Diego, California

Dear Marvin,

Since I can remember, the cigar has been a part of my life. Growing up I remember my grandfather and my dad would smoke cigars and play cards. My grandfather would smoke that cigar until I could not even see it.

I smoked my first cigar when I graduated high school. It was a wonderful experience. Since that day, the cigar has been with me, my family and friends, whether it was out of relief for my sister's surgery or whether it was birthday parties for my son and daughter, there has always been a cigar around me. When I married the love of my life I gave my groomsmen the best gift I could give them—their favorite cigars.

I work the night shift and a lot of times after working 12 or 13 hours I will smoke a cigar on the way home. I've read your magazine now for years and support you as you fight for the rights of us who enjoy the peaceful and relaxing experiences that the cigar gives to us.

Andy Nelson
Lewisburg, Tennessee

Dear Marvin,

I find it interesting that one party wants the government out of our bedrooms, but in our pocketbooks, while the other wants them out of our pocketbooks but in our bedrooms. How about keeping the government out of our private lives in general, the way it was meant to be?

Steve St. John
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Dear Marvin,

It's funny how the FDA concerns itself with having a "new stance" on reregulating and over taxing such an already taxed, historic and devoted industry such as premium cigars but has no problem with "overlooking" the overuse of cancer-causing paint thinners, dyes, artificial flavors in everyday foods and poisoning prescription drugs. Hey FDA, leave my Montecristos alone.

KC Stark
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