Out of the Humidor

| By CA Readers | From Hugh Jackman, March/April 2015

Dear Marvin,

Your February issue was a reminder to never judge Cigar Aficionado by its cover.

With the acting pedigree and accomplishments of Liam Neeson already accounted for in my personal Hollywood ledger, I approached the “thinking man’s movie star” with a thinking woman’s readiness to augment my knowledge about Neeson’s stogie preferences.

Instead, my clock was reset by Neeson’s cigar rumination: “When a character in a film smokes a cigar, I always think of them as being someone who is at peace in their world.”

How relevant to the many occasions I have enjoyed the Johnson Room at the Nat Sherman Townhouse [“Resetting The Clock,” February 2015].  It is in no small measure due to the refinement and class of the Sherman family that I so reliably find peace in the Townhouse.

Thank you for the dual-dose of reading pleasure.

Julie Holley

New York, New York 

Dear Marvin,

I am a big fan of you and the magazine. I am writing in response to the situation you wrote about in Westminster Massachusetts [Editors’ Note, “Saying No To The Smoke Police,” February 2015].  If “the goal is taking away liberties,” should we legalize everything? If we are truly a free country, maybe we should regulate it all. Talk about a boost to the economy.

Bobby Montes

Fort Worth, Texas

Dear Marvin,

Great golf article, “Legendary Shots” in your February
issue. One correction: on page 122, while Phil Mickelson’s fantastic shot through the two pine trees and on pine straw did leave him with an eagle putt, he did not make the eagle but did make his comeback birdie. Still a fantastic golf shot!

Your magazine is terrific. Great articles.

Bill Rankin

Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Editor’s Reply: We’re glad you enjoy the magazine, and thanks for reading. We sincerely regret the error on the putt. The approach from the woods was such a beauty that it clouded our memory of the missed eagle opportunity. 

Dear Marvin,

In Mr. Williams’ article on golf’s “Legendary Shots,” he spoke of Gene Sarazen. “He took out a 4-wood, known as a ‘spoon’ back in the day.” That is incorrect. A spoon was a three wood. A 4-wood back in the day was a cleek. Good article, but your readers deserve accuracy.

Jay Verhaag 

Carmichael, California

Editor’s Reply: Our fact-checking for that article showed that the term spoon was used to describe many clubs in the days when Sarazen played. Sportswriter Grantland Rice used the term spoon to describe Sarazen’s 4-wood when writing about the shot, as the term spoon was used to refer to any wooden club above the brassie 2-wood. Clubs with the loft of a 4-wood have been described by a number of names, among them spoon, cleek, wooden cleek, baffy and baffing spoon. 

Top 25 Feedback From Facebook and Twitter

Our Top 25 Cigars list always draws a passionate response from social media, and this year was no exception. Here is a selection of comments about our Top 25.

I love the passion this list brings out in people. The love. The hate. And I already have two cigars I’m excited to try—one from the list, one from a Cigar Aficionado follower ticked off his favorite smoke didn’t make the cut. Great stuff!

Adam Churchill

I’ve had 10 of the 25. Need to get to work!

Brett Hackworth

I’ll definitely have to use this list as a guide next time I’m out shopping.

Chris Sudekum Sr.

Top lists are very subjective. Some stuff I may love, others I may hate. I take top lists with a grain of salt. Go out and try some of them. That, after all, is the fun of smoking cigars.

Erik Molnar

I loved this cigar since it came out. Just got a box two weeks ago. Good to know I have great taste in cigars. Congratulations Oliva.

Nathan Fletcher

And the debate begins. I like Cigar Aficionado’s Top 25. It helps point you in the direction of some sticks you might never have tried. It sparks conversation/debate in smoking circles which creates the topic of everyone’s favorites. Experienced smokers already know the top brands, Cuban and non-Cuban. If there is a top 25 list of anything out there (movies, music, food, etc.) that everyone agreed upon, I would like to see it.

Rob Patrick

Corrections: The ring gauge of the Te-Amo Revolution Robusto Ovalado (No. 13 in our Top 25 ranking) is actually 56. And the correct spelling of the Tatuaje Havana VI size (No. 25) is Artistas.