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Out of the Humidor

| By CA Readers | From Jeremy Irons, March/April 2013

Dear Marvin,

Thanks for those beautiful magazines. I wish, though, I had come across your November-December magazine earlier. For now there is a fresher issue, but anyway, allow me to say that I did find your Wrong About Cuba Again editor’s note in that issue awfully off mark.

In the face of 50 years of failed U.S. policy against Cuba—a policy repudiated by the entire international community and certainly supported by increasingly fewer people in the U.S., including Cuban-Americans—the idea should not be for the U.S. to continually try something else that might more effectively undermine the system in Cuba. The main goal of any serious policy by any serious, peace-seeking (and not imperially guided) government ought to be respectful coexistence with its peace-loving neighbors.

At some point, the U.S.’s stubborn and imposing idea of what Cuba needs to do must cease. Cuba should be left alone to choose its own political and social path, just like any other nation.

Juan Jacomino
Press Officer/Cuban Interests Section
Washington, DC

Our Top 25 Cigars of 2012 set off a deluge of responses, questions and barbs in the social media universe. Instead of letters, we wanted to give you a glimpse of what was said.

On Twitter

@CigarAficMag went elite this year for the #Top25
compared to last year.

@CigarAficMag Really? A RoMeO for No. 3? No Palate

Congrats to @MyFatherCigars Well Deserved #1 Spot on @CigarAficMag Top 25 list

#1 Cigar of 2012 by @CigarAficMag: “Flor de las Antillas Toro” | Looks like I have a new one to add to my list.

On behalf of my family and my entire staff, Thank you so much!! @CigarAficMag @DavidSavona

Flor de las Antillas Toro announced as @CigarAficMag Cigar of the year. It must be good to beat out the Cohiba ‘66 to 2nd place

I still think that @CigarAficMag needs to do a poll asking consumers about their top 25 COTY, U need to hear consumers opinion. Just saying.

Looking over the Top 10 by @CigarAficMag there is no doubt that there has never been a better time to be a cigar enthusiast! #fb

Having a Tatuaje cojonu 2012—the @CigarAficMag No. 9 rated cigar. Liking it much more than their No. 1 choice

@CigarAficMag: Now that our Top25 list is live, tell us what cigar you are most excited to try.” the first one of course

Smoking 1 of CA top 25 biggest snubs! Can’t believe neither blend of the Serie D made @CigarAficMag Top 25 @OutlawCigarCo @eddieor

From Facebook

Chris DiBianco
Hell yeah. That was my favorite new cigar for 2012. Definitely deserves it.

Kristopher Franzen
Better than last years No. 1!

Dan M Wells
No Oliva in the top 10 very disappointing... Romeo really? that cigar was terrible IMO, i guess it really shows how each person really has a different liking for different cigars, thats why i dont buy based on reviews or scores....

Salo Ferm
In my opinion, disappointed L’Atelier did not made first 10 on the list.... Pepín Garcia, the best blender alive. Genius.

Antonio Carter
This cigar is amazing. Ive been smoking the Toro for about three months now and I believe Cigar Aficionado nailed this one. I just bought two of them yday lol! Try this cigar. You will not be sorry!

Micah Taylor
What a bunch of BS! You at CA are nothing more than sell outs to the highest bidders

Editor’s Reply: Whew! But here’s the bottom line: We choose. You debate. Some cigars mentioned above didn’t make the 2012 deadline; they will be in the running next year. There is no quid pro quo with advertisers; some of our biggest have never had a Top 25; some non-advertisers get recognized every year. Why not do what we do? Take off the bands. Smoke the cigars blind. Take notes, and then review your opinions against ours.