Cigar Aficionado

Out of the Humidor

Dear Marvin,

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed reading about the Top 25 Best Cigars of the Year. The February issue was very informative and entertaining. With so many cigars on the market one can find himself overwhelmed when looking through the humidor at a tobacconist. This list has encouraged me to try cigars I never would have considered before and hopefully it has done the same for others.

I know that you take some flak over this list, but having smoked 20 of the 25 cigars I'd say they all deserved to be included even if I don't necessarily agree with the ranking of some. If some of those detractors would lay down their prejudices and actually try the specific cigar that was rated (rather than just arbitrarily smoking any size in the brand) they'd probably be in for a treat. I know I was shocked that I enjoyed some of them as much as I did.

I would love to see you do a future piece on how these tastings are done. I think it would be interesting for your readers to have a better understanding not only of the criteria you rate these cigars on, but how you actually go about coming up with the rankings on the list. I feel that the average reader sees the list but doesn't fully understand the process these cigars go through to make the list. This leads to a lot of the questions and comments that I hear people coming up with. A piece of this nature might help clear up why some smokes are ranked versus others and why each cigar is ranked where it is.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and keep up the good work.

Jason Robbins
Jericho, New York

Dear Marvin,

I wanted to thank you for your fine magazine, I have enjoyed it for years as both a fan and subscriber. I am a small-business owner and were you to visit my office you would find copies of Cigar Aficionado strategically placed about the building to give it an air of class and sophistication that only your publication and its contents can bring.

The thing that I especially enjoy about the magazine is that while it instructs and educates us on all manner of the good life-cigars, liquor, golf, games of chance, technology, cars-what you won't find are columns fussing and carrying on about women. Lesser publications aimed at men are filled from cover to cover with nothing but scantily clad vixens and "how-to" articles regarding the fairer sex; how to "score," how to find a date, how to keep a good woman, how to lose a bad woman and on and on ad nauseum. Drivel! I get the distinct impression that you and your team assume, and rightly so, that your readers are men of such calibre that they have already attained success and happiness in that area of their personal lives. Kudos to you.

Continue in what you do so well, my friend.

Matt Haver
Port Orchard, Washington

Dear Marvin,

As the son of a 22-year-career retired Air Force serviceman and Vietnam Veteran, I know the sacrifices that members in the Armed Forces are asked to make. I happen to believe that my two very young children go to bed and wake up each morning safe because of Captain Knight [see Out of the Humidor, February 2010] and the others serving overseas protecting us from folks that quite frankly don't like us and what Americans have and stand for. Each night after I read bedtime stories I often close the door to our daughter's room and sometimes I think I hear from someplace in the back of my mind a soldier saying "Don't worry sir, we'll take it from here," and then they take their posts in front of my daughters' doors. I'm crying like a baby now while typing because they provide the protection I'm afraid I cannot. My point is, if Captain Knight smokes Rocky Patel Decades, a cigar I happen to like also, then it's the very least I can do to see to it he gets a few. I'm inquiring about the methods of getting cigars to servicemen and women, and if you have any further contact information you can provide me or other readers so inclined and inspired like I was. I'm particularly interested in sending Captain Knight several cigars. Thank you in advance.

Eric Kohlhorst
Lebanon, Ohio

Editor's Response: We'll be sure to pass along the information.