Cigar Aficionado

Optimus Lighter by Blazer

Magnets, among many things, keep our money secure (ATM card strips), our information organized (computer hard drives) and, now, with Blazer's Optimus lighter, our cigars more enjoyable.

The Optimus combines a reliable butane flamer with a guillotine-style cigar cutter in a stainless steel alloy body. Whereas two-in-one lighters sometimes suffer from poor design that makes operating the cutter difficult, Blazer's Optimus features a rather clever innovation.

The cutter part of the Optimus attaches and detaches from the lighter body by means of a powerful magnet. The smoker can simply pop off the 46 ring gauge, Japanese stainless steel cutter, cut the cigar and then place it back on the lighter.

This design is a cut above other two-in-one lighters because the hands don't have to compete with the lighter body.

The lighter's flame is adjustable and there is also a window on the back of the body that shows how much fluid is in reserve.

The Optimus lighter retails for the suggested price of $45 and comes in silver, gun metal and black. It is available at fine tobacco shops everywhere.