Cigar Aficionado

Opening Day

The day finally arrived--opening day at my country club. It wasn’t the best of weather on Saturday; the day dawned cold, cloudy and with light rain during the early holes. The weather didn’t really matter, however. It was just nice to be out on our newly renovated golf course (see the Jan/Feb Cigar Aficionado article Rebirth of a Classic) with all the machinery gone, and all the grass grown in. The course actually opened for play in late March, but there’s an special aura to the “official” opening day.

The reviews of the course are starting to come in. In a recent early season pro-am, with the top club professionals from the New York area teamed with members of their own clubs, the low round was even par. There were a lot of pros’ final scores that had 8s as the first number. The greens were fast, and just like before the renovation, there’s no forgiveness for mistakes.

I considered my smokes carefully for the day, but in the end, my cigar holder had Tatuajes, with a few years' humidor age on them, and a couple of Don Carlos Robustos. I never know what to expect in this Opening Day competition because the foursomes are put together by handicaps, and then you play a modified scramble with a best ball/low gross format. But I knew I was glad that I’d brought along cigars when it turned out two of the guys in my foursome were also members of the Grand Havana Room in New York City.

Unfortunately, the weather did interfere with my desire for a cigar, but finally on about our 12th hole of the day, I lit up a Tatuaje, and one of my partners chose a Don Carlos. I’m generally not a big fan of smoking while I play golf, but on Saturday, I thoroughly enjoyed the cigar, partly because it was so good, but partly because it was in celebration of the official opening of my summer golf season.

May you all hit ‘em straight, and keep it in the short grass.