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OneOff's Portable Ashtray

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You're sitting in a cigar bar and the lovely lady by your side has an inch of ash on her Cohiba Siglo III. But some fool has forgotten to put down an ashtray.

Suave as can be, you slip your hand to your breast pocket and remove a slim, leather case. You pull out the microthin metal sheet, remove the metal clip and expertly fold the sheet to make a curve, then slip the metal brace around the edges, turn the clip just so and place it on the groove on the leather made just for this purpose. Voila! Instant ashtray, far cooler than a slab of marble or crystal.

Andrea Molinari is a stylish cigarmaker, creator of the OneOff brand. Now he's branching out to accessories, and his OneOff portable ashtray is style, packed ready to go. He calls it the Mollino, and it's a guaranteed attention getter. Sure you don't need it, but why would that stop you?

The Mollino retails for $100. For more information, call +41 91 9214439.