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OneOff Travel Humidor

The OneOff Travel Humidor adds hip, urban style to a cigar-smoking journey. Like many of the company's other accessories, the travel humidor combines a keen fashion sense, quality craftsmanship and innovation.

The humidor is constructed out of a single piece of cedar and upholstered on the exterior with a beige canvas-like cloth. It is trimmed with brown leather with beige stitching and a snap clasp, which is also made of leather and bears the OneOff logo. The inside is a light-colored cedar with six deep cigar-shaped grooves carved into the base and underside of the lid. Cigars are secured by unique adjustable rubber stoppers, set in the cigar grooves, and by a red band of cloth, which runs over the top of the smokes, strapping them down.

Cainarca made the cases exclusively for OneOff in this limited-edition 500-piece release. The Travel Humidor retails for $360. Look for it at fine tobacconists or go to