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One Satisfying Smoke in Los Angeles

I have become a pretty good friend to a super hipster wine bar owner in Los Angeles called David Haskell of Bin 8945. His small place in West Hollywood is one of my favorite places to hang out and drink some good wine, eat delicious France meets West Coast food, and, yes, smoke cigars. He has a terrace on the street. So so much for the health facists in La La!

Anyway, I was hanging with David last week in Los Angeles and after an excellent dinner at Comme Ca, the new high-end bistro from David Myer of the top restaurant Sona, we ended up into the wee hours smoking cigars and talking about life.

Haskell smokes a cigar or two a day at his ripe old age of about 30 (not sure of his age exactly). It was the normal chatter between friends…wine, women, and song. But he was blown away by the cigar I gave him. Guess what it was?

My standby smoke. My reach-for-
-want-to-be-staisfied stick. None other than the Montecristo Petit Robusto. Check out David’s description of smoking it in the video.

He’s right on the money. I hadn’t thought about it. But it is like smoking a double corona or churchill half way down and “boom!” You get all the chocolate, tobacco and spice character that takes a good half an hour to reach with a longer smoke in just a few minutes after lighting the Petit Robusto.

The MPR is one satisfying cigar from Havana.

"I smoked a Petit Edmundo yesterday, it was the first time I ever had one of these cigars. I thought it was awesome. Probably one of the best smokes ever. It lasted over an hour, for a small cigar it blew me away. I enjoyed the creamy smoke with a nutty, woody taste. I thought the whole ecperience was great. It's hard to imagine that much flavor in a little cigar. It reminded me of a Hemingway Best Seller, only a little stronger and more complex. Can't wait to try another." —November 7, 2007 13:45 PM
"James- If you had a choice between buying a 25 box Petit Edmundos from '06 or Bolivar Royal Coronas from '07 what would you pick? Tough one, I know!! Thanks, and great work!!" —January 4, 2008 00:46 AM