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Oakland Golf Courses to Stay Smoke-Friendly

Municipal golf courses in Oakland, California, have been exempted from the citywide smoking ban extension now moving through the city council.

According to local sources covering the council sessions late Tuesday night, the governing body voted 6-1 in favor of continuing to permit lighting up on the links. In October, the council unanimously passed an ordinance to broaden the city's already existing smoking regulations. The ordinance aimed to prohibit smoking in parks, on ATM lines, in outdoor dining areas and in other public open-air venues.

Other communities in the Golden State have brought bans outside, including Oakland's Bay-area neighbor, San Francisco, as well as municipalities farther south, such as Calabasas and Santa Monica. Indoor smoking has been banned in virtually all public spaces in California since 1998.

A final vote on Oakland's ordinance is scheduled for Dec. 4.