NYC Mayor Signs Law That Will Raise Cigar Prices

NYC Mayor Signs Law That Will Raise Cigar Prices

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a series of anti-tobacco legislation yesterday that will raise the cost of cigars to a minimum of $8.00 and create an excess tax of 10 percent on all tobacco products other than cigarettes. This bill (1544-B), along with six additional pieces of legislation that seek to reduce tobacco use citywide, will go into effect in May 2018.

Premium cigars will not receive exemption under these laws, which view all cigars in the same light regardless of ingredients and means of production. The city classifies cigars as "any roll of tobacco for smoking that is wrapped in leaf tobacco or in any substance containing tobacco, with or without a tip or mouthpiece."

The legislation will also reduce the number of tobacco licenses granted to retailers by 50 percent, ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies, and create more stringent smoking policies in residential buildings citywide.

New York City Council passed Bill 1544-B on August 9 by a vote of 33-9.

"When Bill de Blasio is gone, the next mayor will be even worse. Democrats try to appeal to the lower class neighborhoods because they brought them in office, and they will elect them to office again and again... And don't think by moving to a republican state you'll be safe: just watch what happened to Virginia which used to be a red state. This cancer is moving all over the country and until a brave politician(s) decide to change constitutional voting laws, our freedom will be something of the past." —September 8, 2017 21:42 PM
"What a two-bit idiot this mayor is who does he think he is telling me what I can put in my body if I want to smoke a cigar if I want to have a drink filled with sugar it's none of his business it's my body I will do whatever I want to it another two-bit politician trying to tell me what to do with my life can't wait till he's gone forever.... politicians are supposed to represent us not get into our personal life" —September 8, 2017 13:51 PM
"I'm willing to bet this "cigar tax hike" is another rouse to "improve inner city education" or "section eight housing development" or some other goverment program nonsense. It's amazing to me how a rolled up piece of tobacco can cause so much strife and controversy yet no one is doing anything about lowering taxes on food, housing, or healthcare? Last I checked it's a legal product enjoyed by adults, so let people be!" —August 31, 2017 15:20 PM
"This is truly crazy trying to be the health care person for everyone in the Great State of New York. Man or Women wants a cigar or Supersize Coke does not need you telling them no. Soon life will be equivalent to the movie Minority Report, before it happens you are guilty. People need to live their lives and enjoy the time here. Who wants to live life with regrets and I wish I would have done so. I have spent between the Marines and army 21 years and have no regrets and do not need someone telling me or trying to raise the price of something to make them feel like they know better than I do. Read the poem by Tecumseh and attempt to live by it. Semper Fi and Blessed are the Peacekeepers. " —August 29, 2017 17:20 PM