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No Golf Stories...Yet

Usually by this time of year, I’ve got a few cigar-related tales from the golf course to share with you. Lighting up for the first time with the green grass under my feet is one of the noteworthy moments that I like to document every year. It’s kind of an unofficial declaration that winter is over, and spring is here.

Well, I’ve played golf five times in the last month. Twice in Florida, and now three times here in New York. In each round, the lightest steady wind was close to 20 miles an hour, and during two rounds the steady wind was 25 miles an hour plus with gusts of more than 35 mph. Now, you might guess (and you’d be right) that playing in conditions like that reveals the depths of my addiction. But I actually look at it as a sign that my addiction is moderating; the other three weekend days in New York when I could have played it was colder or rainier than the three weekend days I did play. As a result, I stayed inside those days that were the worst of the two, but I still had to get out to swing a club.

Ok, so I’ve played five times and no cigars? No, that’s not true either. I have smoked a cigar during every round, except one in Florida when I wasn’t quite feeling myself. But I haven’t really tasted them, or had a chance to savor the aroma, or for that matter, during one round, been even able to hold on to it because my hands were so cold—42 degrees with a 30-mile an hour gusts can do that, even if it is sunny. I’ve probably wasted a few good cigars too; a Tatuaje Taino, a God of Fire by Don Carlos, a La Aurora 100 Años. What was I thinking?

All I know is that spring is coming here in the Northeast, and the golf season won’t just be a promise, but it will be here, and I won’t have to choose between playing one day in 40 degrees and sunshine, or 48 degrees and rain. It will just be warm and hopefully without too much wind so I can savor a great cigar on the links.

"Gordon, come down to DR the weather is great for golfing and we will smoke a couple of cigars." —April 15, 2009 15:54 PM