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Nineteen Foot Long Cigar Hits Orlando

The big cigar trend just kicked into overdrive.

A cigar measuring 19 feet long, three feet in diameter (that's a 2,304 ring gauge) and weighing a tidy 1,600 pounds is on display at Corona Cigar Co. in Orlando. The cigar, made in Danlí, Honduras, at Gran Habano Cigar Co., is fresh from the International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers trade show last week.

Created using 16,000 wrapper leaves alone, according to the company, this Gran Habano was made by a team of 20 workers over a period of 20 days. Gran Habano puts its value at $200,000. It sits on a 900-pound stand, pushing its total weight to 2,500 pounds.

Corona Cigar owner Jeff Borysiewicz says he brought the colossal cigar to his store as a form of protest against Orange County Mayor Richard T. Crotty, who has outlawed smoking or using smokeless tobacco outdoors on county property, a ban that includes public parks, boat ramps and the like. He has also required employees of Orange County to limit their tobacco use. According to the Cigar Rights of America, that limit is no more than four cigars per year.

"Since county employees are only allowed to smoke four cigars a year," said Borysiewicz, "We figured it might as well be the biggest cigar in the world."

Borysiewicz wants Orange County residents to oppose the executive order by calling, writing or sending emails to Mayor Crotty and Commissioners S. Scott Boyd, Fred Brummer, Linda Stewart, Bill Segal and Tiffany Moore Russell.

The cigar, which will be on display at Corona's West Sand Lake Road store until August 29, is billed as smokeable.