Nike Ignite T60 3-Wood

You're lying one on a par 5 with 293 yards to the pin. You need 275 just to carry the bunker and you're trailing by one shot. What's your plan? You unsheathe a golf club with a name befitting a Russian tank and uncork a monster that rolls to the back of the green, setting up your eagle putt.

Oh yeah, and your name is Tiger Woods.

Odds are it won't give you 300 yards off the deck, but the Nike Ignite T60 Fairway Wood is a marauder that can add yards to your golf shots, either off the tee or from the fairway. It worked quite well for Woods this past March, when he used it to hit a golf ball (a Nike One Platinum, by the way) the distance of three football fields to win the Ford Championship at Doral over Phil Mickelson. Woods had put the club in his bag only days before.

The victory over one of his toughest competitors became even more sweet as it pushed Woods back into the No. 1 spot in the world golf ranking, over Vijay Singh. It was the start of a strong stretch for Tiger, who then used the Nike as part of his latest assault on Augusta. His 2005 Masters win gave him his fourth green jacket. (In May, his record seven-year streak of making the cut at tournaments came to an end, but even Tiger can use the occasional day of rest.)

The Nike Ignite T60 is crafted from Custom 455 stainless steel, which Nike claims is thinner and stronger than the steel employed in many other clubs. But steel can only take you so far. To put some serious muscle behind the Ignite, Nike called in the wolf: wolfram, which is also known as tungsten. The Ignite 3-wood has a 60-gram slab of dense tungsten centered in the sole of the club. Having such a considerable amount of weight positioned so low (two-thirds of the head's weight is located below the ball's equator) gets a golf ball up in the air fast. With the Nike's center of gravity moved deep into the head of the club, the clubface is easy to square at impact, improving accuracy. That's vital to the weekend golfer, and comes in handy on those days when you're spraying the driver left and right and need a shot in the short grass to get back in the hunt.

The Ignite 3-wood comes with either a Fujikura graphite ($239) or steel shaft ($219).