New Security Seals for Cuban Cigars

New Security Seals for Cuban Cigars

In a continuing effort to thwart the counterfeiting industry, Habanos S.A., the worldwide distributor of Cuban cigars, has introduced a new security seal with additional safety features to validate the authenticity of its highly counterfeited product.

If you're buying a box of Cuban cigars, you should be cognizant of the two new elements added to the official "Republica de Cuba" warranty seal. A holographic label will now be affixed to the right of every warranty and a bar code will appear to the left.

The technologically sophisticated seal is designed to come apart if removed, foiling attempts to reuse one on a fake box.

A bar code will also be included on every box, applied directly next to the warranty seal's coat of arms. The bar code will serve as a customized identification number saved in a database. According to an official Habanos press release, one scan of the bar code will convey relevant information such as brand, size and market destination.

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