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“Only in New York” is a slogan that Altadis U.S.A. Inc. is taking very seriously with their new U.S. regional release: the Montecristo New York Connoisseur Edition. It was blended with New York in mind, and will only be available for purchase in the Empire State. And this cigar, like New York City, is a melting pot.

It’s composed of Dominican filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper leaf. They were all put together at the Tabacalera de Garcia factory in the Dominican Republic and conceived by a team that included José Seijas, vice president and general manager of Tabacalera de Garcia.

The new corona gorda measures 6 inches by 60 ring gauge, is packaged in boxes of ten, and has a suggested retail price of $14 per smoke. It’s already on shelves.

Altadis seems to have taken the greatest care in pairing a cigar with New York, down to the marketing. Even the packaging makes the new release look like a New Yorker: The box is all black with an outline of the city’s skyline, and each box-pressed cigar fits snugly into an individual slot not much smaller than a New York apartment.

“It’s a special Montecristo and New York is a special place,” said Janelle Rosenfeld, vice president of premium cigar marketing and communications for Altadis. She also said that while this cigar is only available in New York (statewide, not just in the city), they are not doing this as only a limited release. That means that the regional is here to stay beyond some finite box number.

And if the New York Connoisseur Edition does well, Altadis could be bringing other regionals to new areas of the country. “We have plans to do more and more of these unique regional productions,” said Rosenfeld.

This story first appeared in the November 22 Cigar Insider.

"Can anyone recommend an online retailer or a local NY/NJ shop that is willing to ship to Miami, I can't find this cigar anywhere and I'd love to give it a try " —April 30, 2012 22:31 PM
"Just picked up a box, and that is one nice looking box!!!" —February 26, 2012 01:17 AM
"@Joel... actually... the local cigar store where I live (in New York state) only charges $16.24 per cigar for them (after taxes) and they're worth every penny IMHO!" —January 31, 2012 21:46 PM
"I just bought 2 this morning.It's a very good smoke" —December 3, 2011 16:44 PM
"I guess you can always try for on line purchase action!! " —December 2, 2011 07:06 AM
"and with the NY taxes should retail for 28 bucks a stick" —December 2, 2011 00:58 AM